Thursday, June 19, 2014

Southwest Michigan Modeling Workshop Day 1

Day 1 was awesome!

So it was pretty cool.  We ended up with 16 which is pretty much the perfect number.  I can't even imagine having 25 or 30!  I feel like after just one day I totally know them.

The day started out with some introductions but I wanted to jump right into doing something.
I gave each group a meter stick (with inches on one side) and asked them if there was a relationship between inches and centimeters.  I asked them to find the relationship, implying that they should do it on a white board and include a data table and graph.  This was their training for white boarding.  As I walked around I made sure to ask about slopes and equations and relationships.  We had a board meeting which was very enlightening.  Some groups had inches on the horizontal, some had centimeters.  "How did you choose what to put where?"  What a great question!.

I'm awesome at being humble.

We then moved on to the suite of variation labs.  These are outside on the modeling materials but I find them invaluable in training kids to learn how to measure, graph and analyze data.

I find it funny that I forgot to do some stuff.  I get so anxious to get going on the activities I forget some steps.  For example, on all of those variation labs we did  they are supposed to put their predictions in their notebooks before they start taking data.  But in my haste to get the party started, I totally forgot!

The day ended with the FCI and some homework.

My biggest fear is that the participants are going to figure out that I am making it up as I go along - or even worse, I really have no idea what I'm doing!

I don't actually think that is least not too true.

I did get some positive feed back on day 1 - which is always nice.

There was a tweet that said, "This is what I have been looking for for years!" which is awesome!
And one of the participants said that her mind was blown on several occasions.

I know these are ego boosts - but that is what I want, to change their lives!

Lofty goals - foolish dreams.  I hope not.


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