Saturday, June 14, 2014

Muskegon Here I Come!

Its a very lovely Saturday morning and I'm at school packing up supplies for this year's workshop.

Its quite a job packing up a whole semester of physics equipment.  What to bring is just as tough of a question as what not to bring.  Packing up did help me organize my classroom a least a little.

Besides the equipment I am taking this time to get my head straight.  This workshop is a huge deal to me and to the participants.  We are asking them to commit a full 4 weeks to this and  that makes me so nervous; my trepidation level is at infinity!

My goal is always to make the participants feel like it was worth their time.  More than that, however, I am always looking to change people's lives.  I know when I first took the modeling workshop (it was the summer of 2000) I was too young of a teacher to know that I didn't know anything.  
It turns out that not only did I not know anything about teaching - I didn't know anything about physics either.  Who knew my content knowledge was so weak (more nonexistent than weak)?  And teaching - I definitely didn't know anything about inquiry.  We'd been lectured to about inquiry in education school (find the irony in that statement) but had no idea about the actual practice.  However, that is the strength of the course - you get the content along with the pedagogy!  

In that class (and the workshops that I've run for the last couple of years) there were content and pedagogy experts.  And they also thrived.  There is so much to the workshop - such that more than one participant has taken the same workshop multiple years just to make sure they didn't miss anything and to hone their skills. 

So whether you're coming in with advance knowledge of these concepts or are a rookie - we've got you covered!

We have worked a ton to make this happen and are so excited.  
Who is ready to change lives?


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