Thursday, July 19, 2012

Picnic with the DMAPT

Yesterday we held the first "annual" DMAPT picnic.  The DMAPT (Detroit Metro Area Physics Teachers) is our local group of physics teachers.  During the school year we meet 4 or 5 times and share physics teaching ideas and strategies.  

This group has been around for over 50 years!  Personally I've been attending meetings regularly since 2000.  I've gotten to know and work with some of the best physics teachers in Michigan (and the country) while working with this group. Mostly our meeting center around content, demos, new teaching techniques and technology.  Occasionally we get together for a social event; like yesterday's picnic.

I was there with my wife and two kids.  Bryan Battaglia was there with his three kids (show off!).  SteveDickie was there with his son who was shooting off air powered rockets and throwing spears with an atl atl all afternoon!  It was truly a family affair in more ways that one.  It gave all of a us a sense of how different the group is from any other professional organization.  

At the picnic they honored my PAEMST win with a little celebration (Jim brought his delicious home brewed beer)!  I am, of course, honored but this gave me a great opportunity to tell the group how much their impact has made on me personally and professionally.

Below is the statement that I made for the PAEMST win:

The award is a way for me to honor and celebrate all of the wonderful teachers who inspired me. Education is a legacy and it is our mission to inspire students as well as other teachers toward quality education on all levels. Good teachers are continually developing and sharing quality practice. In this service we dedicate so much time and energy, and this award is an affirmation that there are tangible rewards for all of our hard work and dedication.

I truly believe that teaching is more than just the classroom.  It is what we share and gain from each other that gives the job meaning. My PAEMST win is as much a reflection on the hard work and talent of the group as it is on me personally.  

Thank you DMAPT


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